It has come to light that Moore sent a nine page letter to several board members. The letter was defamatory to Mr. Anderson and contained direct threats to the school and contained threatening language with respect to the board. The letter also called directly for the firing of Mr. Anderson. The entire letter has not been made public for reasons not yet disclosed, however, excerpts have been made in public:

“How would the board like to be told next year on the first Friday in June, the anniversary of the ignominious firing of Mr. Hild and Mr. Smith, that half the faculty are heading out to work at a new school?”

In the preceding quote, the “new school” almost certainly refers to the Ascent Classical Douglas school.

Moore goes on, “That could happen. What must the board do? You must terminate Mr. Anderson’s employment immediately. You must rehire both Mr. Smith and Mr. Hild. I do not know why the interim principal would not be Mr. Hild.”

This letter is evidence that Moore is working to get Mr. Anderson fired and it looks like it contains the implicit threat of hiring away its teachers.


In addition, there is some evidence that Moore has led an effort to create a dossier of grievances about Mr. Anderson from students and parents.

Image capture of group text

If that is what it appears to be, it proves that Moore – someone who isn’t even a Member of our corporation that is the school – is actively trying to undermine the Board, our Principal, and the school’s Members.